Vertiff Eco-Tech Pte Ltd, a Singapore company, supplies products to the F&B industry. It has also recently diversified its portfolio in the Construction industry.

  It plays an active role in the sustainability of clean energy by substantially improving how efficiently we use our energy and water of our equipments. In addition, the company is always constantly looking at innovative products that can help customers to reduce cost and improve productivity through many ways such as improvement, automation, waste recovery etc.

  Our products include Air Heat Recovery System that works with any new or existing commercial dishwasher. The system reduces dishwasher energy consumption significantly. Simple installation and fully automatic, it recovers wasted heat and recycle these heat back to the dishwasher so that you will save money on your electricity bills.

  The company also supplies a broad range of Commercial Warewashing Equipments for you to choose from. We are the authorised dealer for Winterhalter and G-TEK dishwasher / warewashing equipments in Singapore. In addition, our products include Ice Making Machine, Refrigeration and Freezer.

At the front-end of the F&B restaurants, we provide end-to-end mobility and the utilisation of wireless technology to help restaurant owners to have full management and control of their business with great ease. Our wide range of Paging System and E-Menu Ordering will reduce your operational cost, increase your revenue, increase your productivity and enhance your customers dining experience.

We also supply Mobile or Portable Traffic Lights  to construction contractors for temporary traffic management solutions. Customisation for your specific requirement is available.

 Our latest range of products are Electronic Water Conditioner. Non-intrusive and work on all pipes, they are used in the treatment of water without chemicals. Specifically used to prevent & reduce scaling, prevent & reduce corrosion, kills bacteria, preventing algae and flocculating small particles, biofouling in Chiller plants, Cooling Towers, Steam Boilers, Hot Water System, Swimming Pools, Hydrotherapy pools etc.