Vertiff Eco-Tech is the distributor for Hydropath Technology Ltd water care technological products in Singapore. 

Hydropath Technology manufacture electronic water conditioners in the UK, which prevent the build-up hard limescale and also reduce existing limescale over time. Our chemical-free, patented ferrite technology is unique to the water industry and is used in a wide range of applications around the world - as diverse as cooling towers and copper mines - in addition to working successfully in the home, and for commercial and the processing industries.

Hydropath is the solution provider for commercial & industrial water treatment requirements. We have decades of worldwide experience in limescale management, improving water clarity and bio-fouling control.

Our wealth of experience covers a wide range of applications. This includes limescale protection for commercial offices and the hotel sector, various benefits for swimming pools and the leisure industry, cooling tower of all sizes, food processing, agricultural and manufacturing industries. We also cover more specialised applications such as mining, water transport and power stations.

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