A new era begins in you....

AI Cooking Robot

Fully Self-Controlled
With the use of IC card or your phone, recipes are downloaded into the Cooking Robot, as soon as the machine gets the recipe it will start its work. No need for any extra caring, just leave all the workings to the Cooking Robot and wait for the food to be served.

Ease Of Manipulation
Requires 1 worker only for 3 Cooking Robots to have both high efficiency and low cost at the same time

Consistent Flavour
Following the instructions, achieving consistency in its flavour.

Private Recipe
Creating special recipe for your own menu

Four speed: Quick to slow, from frying to stew

Eye Technology, No Smoke, No Paste Pot
Unique eye technology, using 3D heat conduction with fuzzy control chip. Precisely sense and control the temperature of the dish, no smoke or paste pot. Just for a better usage experience.

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