Portable Traffic Light (ST-PS3) **Sale / Rental options are available**

Our Mobile or Portable Traffic Light, ST-PS3, fully satisfy all demands required for the smooth    flow of traffic on the road, all the way from compact design, metal construction and excellent visibility of LED bulbs in all weather conditions, to the low power consumption of the rechargeable battery.

  Features At A Glance

  • Quick dismount and mount
  • Steel case with built-in watertight electronics and interface
  • LED technology - low power consumption and longer lifespan
  • User Interface - Simple, precise and fast setup
  • Modern Microprocessor Technology - Controls & permanently checks the functionality of the entire device
  • Low Power Consumption - Smart micro controller manages the entire device in an energy efficiency mode and usage of modern light sensors who automatically adjust the brightness of LED bulbs according to the intensity of the light source.
  • Light Sensors - Integrated light sensors manage the brightness of LED light bulbs in Day/Night mode so that the LED bulbs are optimally visible in all weather conditions.


  • Single Lane Alternating Traffic
  • Cross Road Traffic
  • T-Junction Traffic


  • Solar Power Add-On - Customers can choose to add on Solar Power at any time.


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 Email: vincent@vertiff.com.sg